Contents Insurance

What is it?

Whilst Buildings Insurance will protect the structure of your property, it does not cover the internal contents of your home.  This is an additional Policy that will insure the contents from a variety of misfortunes.

Why do you need it?

Damage internally to your property and possessions can be costly to repair or replace, especially with major events such as a fire or flooding from burst pipes.

Mortgage lenders will not insist that you have this type of cover in place however it is good practice and gives peace of mind when Contents Insurance is arranged for your possessions.

Things to bear in mind

The cover provided can vary and most providers will offer additional protection, at a cost, for things like:

  • Personal belongings including cash etc. inside and outside of the home
  • Key Cover
  • Bike Cover
  • Gadget Cover
  • Individual items valued over a specific amount
  • Freezer contents

These are just a few of the extras available. The basic contents cover may not provide all of the cover you require and additional areas of cover can be purchased to suit your individual needs. Discounts may be available for those in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme or for those with a fitted burglar alarm etc.

Insurance Services

Bestmortgage4u will advise you on all aspects of insurance.