Mortgage Broker Surrey

Bestmortgage4U are Mortgage Brokers based in Surrey. Having arranged hundreds of mortgages in Surrey we consider ourselves expertly positioned to continue helping residents of Surrey with their mortgage requirements.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

When you start to think about buying your first property the idea can seem both very confusing and complicated. You should think about contacting a Mortgage Broker such as ourselves as we can guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We are Mortgage Brokers based in Surrey We have helped hundreds of first time buyers in Surrey get the best mortgage. We have over 25 years’ experience in helping first time buyers navigate through the lending criteria that currently exists. We aim to make this whole process as stress free as possible for you our clients.

Buy to Let Mortgages

The Buy to Let market has increased in popularity over the last few years and we advise landlords in the Surrey Area of the best mortgage deals currently available. The lending criteria for buy to let mortgages is complicated as it based on affordability on both rental and applicants income. Properties bought as buy to let properties have the potential to appreciate in value and provide income for the owners. Careful selection of mortgage products gives our clients protection against risk where necessary with rising interest rates. We are Mortgage Brokers based in Surrey and we use our experience to obtain the best mortgage rates for our clients.


When a mortgage that you have chosen reaches the end of it initial preferential rate you need to compare what your existing lender will offer you against the rest of the market.This process can be daunting as how do you compare one deal against another. You need real expertise to take into account all the relevant factors. We are Mortgage Brokers based in Surrey and we have over 25 years experience in helping clients want to weigh up the pros and cons of re mortgaging to a new lender. We will help you navigate through the lending criteria that currently exists thus enabling you to get the best mortgage for your future.

Mortgages for Busy Professionals

We have found that busy professionals by definition want to get on with their lives and not be bogged down with trying to find the right mortgage. A busy professional often just wants to be able to delegate the responsibility of getting the best mortgage to an expert that fully understands the mortgage market. We are Mortgage Brokers based in Surrey who constantly work with busy professionals so we fully understand their needs and requirements.

Surrey Mortgage Advisor

The role of a mortgage advisor:

  • Having a detailed understanding of a clients’ situation which allows for the best possible advice to be given to a client
  • Explains the different mortgage options open for clients to choose
  • Reviews a client’s current situation and provides advice on how to improve their likelihood of a successful mortgage application
  • Identifies the most suitable mortgage options for their clients based on the client’s needs and requirements
  • Assists with the mortgage application itself making the whole application process as stress free as possible
  • Deals with issues raised by the lender once the mortgage application is submitted to the lender
  • Helps to ensure the granting of a mortgage offer, allowing mortgage funds to be drawn down so clients move into their new home

Benefits of a Mortgage Advisor

  • Provides information on available mortgage options and explains the advantages and disadvantages which allows clients to make objective decisions
  • Provides expert mortgage advice to ensure clients get the most appropriate mortgage for their situation
  • Advises clients with adverse credit issues and identifies suitable lending options where appropriate for these situations
  • Ability to deal with complex financial situations that may arise with specific clients
  • Able to overcome difficulties and issues with specific lenders based on a wealth of experience, having spent 27 years arranging mortgages for clients

If you want to delegate the responsibility of getting the best mortgage for you to an expert then contact Bestmortgage4u now

Surrey Mortgage Broker - Case Study

As mortgage brokers for Surrey, we deal with many different mortgage requirements. Below is an example of a recent mortgage that we have arranged for clients in Surrey.

Mr & Mrs Smith both aged 45 with a need for a re mortgage of £ 450,000 on a Surrey property valued at £ 1,000,000 to replace existing mortgage and pay for home improvements. Initially lenders would not lend as the clients had insufficient income and it failed affordability with the majority of the market. Having a detailed knowledge of the market we were able to use a lender who assessed affordability on dividends ,salary and share of net profits after corporation tax. There were only 3 lenders in the whole of the UK mortgage market that would underwrite affordability in this way.