Mortgage Adviser Surrey

Bestmortgage4U are mortgage advisers working in Surrey. We are expert mortgage brokers with years of experience behind us. Our wealth of experience coupled with our expert knowledge makes us the ideal mortgage advisers to help the residents of Surrey and surrounding areas with their mortgage needs.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

Thinking about mortgages as a first-time buyer can be daunting. Bestmortgage4U in Surrey can help you through the process, making sure you get the right mortgage for you by guiding you through the process, from start to finish. By getting into contact with us, an otherwise complicated, daunting and stressful process is made much simpler with the help of our expertise and experience. Our 25 years of experience perfectly positions us to help our Surrey clients get the best and most appropriate mortgage deal for them. We aim to make this complicated experience as stress free as possible for our clients by clearly explaining the whole mortgage process in a way that is easy to understand.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Our mortgage advisers also specialise in Buy to Let Mortgages. Whilst the Buy to Let market has increased in popularity in recent years, so too has its complexity. This is due in part to increased criteria by lenders. The lending criteria for buy to let mortgages is based on affordability on both rental and applicant’s income. As mortgage advisers, we take our clients through this criteria and using our knowledge and experience, explain this criteria in a way that is clear and concise. Together, we can make sure you are fully informed and able to make the right choice on the best mortgage deals in the Surrey area.


Lenders often offer a preferential rate when you take out a mortgage; this usually comes to an end after a few years. Bestmortgage4U are here to help you decide what to do when this period is over. Our mortgage advisers in Surrey can help you to navigate through your options by using our 25 years of experience. We will normally compare what your existing lender might offer to retain you as an existing customer, to what other lenders may offer to attract you to move to them.

Mortgages for Busy Professionals

Our experience as mortgage advisers in Surrey has shown us that busy professionals often prefer to delegate the responsibility of finding the best mortgage deals for them, to knowledgeable professionals such as Bestmortgage4U. Instead of adding to their already busy and stressful workload, busy professionals can rely on us and our expertise to find them a mortgage that is right for them.

Guildford Mortgage Adviser

Your mortgage adviser in Guildford has been arranging mortgages for clients for the past 25 years and as such has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the mortgage market. Bestmortgage4U are keen to share their expertise with those in Guildford and the surrounding area who may require some guidance before making any decisions on their mortgage.

Why use a Guildford Mortgage Adviser?

  • Your Guildford Mortgage Adviser is local to the area and therefore understands the rates and options available to you
  • Your mortgage adviser can help walk you through the mortgage process from start to finish, making the process much less stressful
  • Clients can be safe in the knowledge that they’re working with an experienced professional who can help them to weigh up the pros and cons of different mortgage rates and deals
  • Complex financial situations can be dealt with on behalf of the client
  • Clients with credit issues can receive the best possible advice, enabling them to find the most appropriate mortgage options for them
  • Your Bestmortgage4U Guildford adviser can often help to overcome difficulties that may arise with specific lenders.

If you require a mortgage adviser in Surrey then please contact us for more information.

Surrey Mortgage Broker - Case Study

As mortgage brokers for Surrey, we deal with many different mortgage requirements. Below is an example of a recent mortgage that we have arranged for clients in Surrey.

Mr & Mrs Smith both aged 45 with a need for a re mortgage of £ 450,000 on a Surrey property valued at £ 1,000,000 to replace existing mortgage and pay for home improvements. Initially lenders would not lend as the clients had insufficient income and it failed affordability with the majority of the market. Having a detailed knowledge of the market we were able to use a lender who assessed affordability on dividends ,salary and share of net profits after corporation tax. There were only 3 lenders in the whole of the UK mortgage market that would underwrite affordability in this way.